2015 Recruitment Trends

Posted by admin - 4th Nov 2014

Extract from the Linkedin 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Reports

In 2015, recruiting leaders will have higher budgets and even higher hiring volumes.

It could be a sign of the global economy heating up or recruiting getting more respect and priority as a function within companies. Whatever the cause, the implications are the same – recruiting leaders must prepare for a more competitive hiring and spending environment in 2015.

Because of this increased competition, recruiting leaders must come up with a long-strategy for winning over talent and arm themselves with the latest talent pool data. Where do your target hires live, what’s the breakdown in seniority levels, where did they go to school, what did they study, and what’s the best tailored message to get them interested in your job? If your competition knows these things and you don’t, they will have a leg up.

Social networks are becoming the preferred channels for promoting talent brand.

Like exercise, we all view talent brand as important, but it’s much harder to do it consistently well. The majority of global recruiting leaders agree that talent brand impacts their ability to hire top talent, but far fewer have the budget to promote and measure it. As a result, many companies use affordable channels like social and professional networks to promote their talent brand messages.

Company career sites remain the top channel for promoting talent brand, as many companies use them as the “storefront” when introducing the company to candidates. The friends and family word of mouth channel remains strong although declining slightly, perhaps because it’s hard to measure offline word of mouth activities.

Recruiting leaders should take care to benchmark their talent brand against other talent investments, to ensure it’s funded in line with other priorities. Since marketers have been thinking about brand for a while, recruiting leaders can amplify their efforts by partnering with marketing on crafting and promoting high-quality talent brand content to remain top of mind with candidates.

The top sources of quality hires have shifted in the past 4 years.

Four years ago, the top source for finding great people was referrals from your network. Today, it’s job boards and social professional networks – highly digital and targeted sources.

The growth of social professional networks as a source of quality hires mirrors the growth in membership of platforms like LinkedIn, which rose from 100 to over 300 million members over the last 4 years.

These changes signal the need for recruiting leaders to up-skill their teams on social professional network sourcing techniques and managing the process for active job seekers applying through niche and general job boards.