• Competency Based Recruitment (CBR)

    Posted by admin - 4th Nov 2014

    Competency-based recruitment (CBR) also called behavioural/situational recruitment, is an interviewing methodology used to evaluate candidates’ competencies. The interviewer will ask questions that require candidates to demonstrate they have a particular skill or competency the client is looking for. Candidates are asked to give situational / real-life examples from their Professional or Pri...

  • 2015 Recruitment Trends

    Posted by admin - 4th Nov 2014

    Extract from the Linkedin 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Reports In 2015, recruiting leaders will have higher budgets and even higher hiring volumes. It could be a sign of the global economy heating up or recruiting getting more respect and priority as a function within companies. Whatever the cause, the implications are the same – recruiting leaders must prepare for a more competitive hi...

  • Switzerland's Most Attractive Employers in 2014 - have a look!

    Posted by admin - 4th Nov 2014

    From Universum Professional Survery 2014: based on 4177 professionals Business / Commerce professionals 1. Nestle 2. Google 3. UBS 4. Swatch Group 5. Richemont 6. LVMH 7. Migros 8. Swiss 9. Lindt & Sprüngli 10. Credit Suisse Engineering Professionals 1. Google 2. ABB 3. Nestle 4. Siemens 5. CERN 6. SBB CFF 7. General Electric 8. IBM 9. Alstom ...